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 Guild Events & Raids

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PostSubject: Guild Events & Raids   Guild Events & Raids I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 11, 2014 4:45 pm

Greetings guild members!

As I'm sure you are all aware we really love having the guild engage in various activities and keep things fresh. Some of us enjoy hosting fun quick events while others like to plan more extensive events for the guild. There are so many options for for what could be headed our way as a guild that perhaps a little list is in order. This way we higher-ups can get a feel for what events work, which you all want more of, and most of all which are more deserving to be more frequent.

We have decided to order events/activities into categories: Guild Events, Branch Events, and Raids. The lists here will have activities that are both self-explanatory and more cryptic; events that have been done before will have descriptions following them to help keep everything in order while new events will simply be listed!  

Guild Events: These events will be guild-wide, meaning anyone in the guild can participate as long as they meet any prerequisites should there be any.

  • Hide-n-Seek
          Who can participate: Everyone
          Prerequisites: None
          Type: Solo

    Rather self-explanatory although it requires some clarifications. Hide-n-Seek will be run by a single member who chooses any map to sit and hide on, following choosing a position the hider will drop cryptic hints about their location for the seekers to try and find them for small prizes. Whether there is one or multiple prizes is up to the hider.

  • Guild Wars
          Who can participate: Everyone
          Prerequisites: Level agreed upon
          Type: PvP

    Even families take sides.

  • The Amazing Dream
          Who can participate: Everyone
          Prerequisites: None
          Type: Full Team

    Stay tuned for updates about this guild event. It's sure to be an adventure!

Branch Events: This category includes events solely for Branch Heads and for specific branches. Explanations for Branch Head competitions can be found here but they are always being reworked. NOTE: Branch Heads will change from time to time or as seen fit. The following may not always be used to determine Branch Head.

  • Coming soon...

Raids: Ah yes the most exciting and potentially risky part of DoMO, the Raids. As an active guild, we want to take on the handful of raids at our disposal. Of course they can be a very arduous task that takes time and patience but completing them is always a nice feeling. ***Participating members will discuss what rewards they are to get when the raid is over. Members are only to take one item per raid unless specified otherwise.

  • Madam Malachite
          Who can Participate: Anyone level 57+, Suggested: 60+
          Prerequisites: None worth mentioning! Just come along and help out as you wish
          Type: Team is the suggested method, however it's not necessary
                    Key Information: Madam Malachite (Level 70)
                    One-Eyed Warriors (Level 65)
                    All Seeing Eye (Level 70) - Respawns every 25% of Malachite HP

    This event is one that can be planned weeks ahead or just a few hours depending on how prepared everyone feels to take on this sexy beast. Although this may be tough at first, after a few tries the mechanics will come easy and provide a little insight on how future raids will go.

    At this time only Madam Malachite will be the focus of the guild. Once we are able to take Malachite down a few times more Raids will come into play.

    This list will be ever changing as time goes by so be sure to check in and see what's going down.


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PostSubject: Re: Guild Events & Raids   Guild Events & Raids I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 11, 2014 5:07 pm

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Guild Events & Raids
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