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 Psy's SP Event 8/15/15

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Psy's SP Event 8/15/15 Empty
PostSubject: Psy's SP Event 8/15/15   Psy's SP Event 8/15/15 I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2015 10:07 pm


Guild members of Paradiso only!

The event will take place this coming Saturday (8/15/15) at 8:00 pm EST.

How does it work?
At the start of the event I will gather a list of name for people who are participating.

Round 1

This event will have multiple parts. First, I will hide anywhere in the world. Anywhere. I will not be flying. I will give 1 hint as to my location when the event officially starts. The first 5 people to find me will move on to the next round.
**Players who are not part of the first 5 must leave the area/map so we can continue to the next part of the event.**

Round 2
The first 5 people to find me will be required to obtain 1 (one) random material that I tell them to get. The 5 players will roll dice (/roll 4) to determine who will be given their required mat in the order of highest roll to lowest roll. Once all players have the mat they must obtain, they will go (when I say go) to wherever they see fit to get the mat.

Round 2 (continued)
Once all 5 people who find me leave, I will then move to another spot on the same map that I was originally hiding in. I will not move until everyone who arrived has have left to obtain the mat. The first person to then find me and give me the mat that I instructed them to get wins the event.

TL;DR (I suggest you read anyway)

• I am hiding anywhere, but not flying.
• Find me.
• The first 5+ people to find me will roll dice.
• In the order from highest roll to lowest roll, you will be given a mat to obtain.
• Your required material will be whispered to you.
• I will relocate after the first of 5+ people leave (fetching mats). Anyone caught trying to peep my location will be disqualified.
• Find me again and trade me the mat to win.

The prize is 50,000 SP. If for whatever reason there is a tie, the SP will be split. (The relocation is to try to prevent ties)
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Psy's SP Event 8/15/15
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