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 Overall Raid Guide

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PostSubject: Overall Raid Guide   Overall Raid Guide I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2015 12:49 pm

Table of Contents:
I. Team Formation
II. Raid Assignments
III. Raids

I. Team Formation:
For all raids, the team set-up is 2 supports (one doccing one musing), 3/4  DPS, and potentially one tank. Recommended that each team has at least one person that can use forms (whether that person is a support, or is the tank).

II. Raid Assignments:

The supports job is to continuously heal everybody while providing muse songs. With the current level-cap at 65, it's easier to just have two supports per team, one musing and the other doccing. It's recommended that the muse have a higher agi build (for fast fuse CDs), and the doctor have a higher wisdom build. It's also highly recommended that the doctor sub fuse as well, in order to provide more MP for their team.

When a raid boss is about to aoe, it is HIGHLY recommended that the doctor make sure their team's HP is as full as it can get before the AoE strikes, this is most crucial once the raid boss hits around 25% HP, because their AoEs hits for a % of your maximum HP that increases as their personal HP decreases. If the AoE hits let's say 75% of your HP and you're only at 70%, you're obviously going to die.

This is obviously the most important job in a raid, because if they die, the entire team dies. The guild tanks are supposed to kite the mob. It is recommended that guild tanks sub one of these: Doctor: Medical Treatment, Thief: Sneak Attacks (for Premonition/Fighting Foresight)/Sneak Attacks (for Run Amok), Shaman: Nature Magic (for Choking Climber). When speaking to very good guild tanks, their subs were typically Doctor: Medical Treatment and Shaman: Nature Magic.

For any of the raids, the tank needs to try to be attacked as little as possible, while still maintaining aggro of the mob. Multiple tanks can be useful to help divide this task. Tanks will need a doctor to be able to heavily focus on them, so it is important that the main tank is not in the same team as the strongest DPS in the raid, as that DPS will need their doc heals as well.

This, for the most part. Is a pretty simple job. You need to bring whatever subs necessary to deal your highest damage output to the raid boss. DPS are divided into two main categories, SkillSpam/Casters, and Attack Speed.

These obviously use up the most MP, so they need multiple fuses in order to maintain a good MP rate. Typically physical classes take priority over magical, since magical has a stronger MP natural MP recovery/typically doesn't have to sacrifice any subs to have their own MP regen.

Attack Speed:
These DPS on the other hand, should be able to keep a strong amount of MP so long as the muse is able to keep playing mantra. For a level 65 Blademaster with 65 Hunter/WD skills, their MP/Second usage should be approx. 3.6/second. This is assuming they don't use any skills such as maniac attack/grizzling bear/etc. This is equivalent to a level 59 muse's mantra.

III. Raids

Madam Malachite:
Madam Malachite is a raid that includes 3 variables; Madam Malachite, the All Seeing Eye, and the Evil Eye mobs.

Madam Malachite:
This raid boss has 4.9mil HP. It requires DG armor (clothing, light armor, or heavy armor) to be able to successfully tank her attacks. What makes Malachite most challenging is her aoes, which hit for a % of your Maximum HP, these aoes become the biggest problem once malachite hits around 25% of her health, these aoes hit roughly around 75%ish of your maximum health. You will notice when she is about to AoE when a huge yellow circle appears under her and covers a large majority of the raid area, it is recommended that if you are at low HP, and your doctor isn't able to heal you to full, to run out of the circle to avoid the AoE.

All Seeing Eye:
Similar to malachite it has a strong AoE (but his is blue), they AoE in conjunction frequently. It is important to avoid both AoEs if they are using them at the same time. This boss is a Blademaster, and spawns for every 25% of Malachite's health lost, spawning 3 times in total.

Evil Eye Mobs:
Blademaster mobs that spawn from Malachite, these monsters are kited by the guild tank(s). It's important to notify the tank(s) when they spawn under malachite, or they will wreck you.

The Tigerman raid can be broken down into two parts: Getting into the raid and fighting Tigerman.

Getting into the raid:
Located in the Town-Hall, it's somewhat of a straight-foward path to reach the crystal that brings you into the actual Tigerman raid. The difficult part is that no monsters are able to be near the crystal when you enter it, meaning that the guild tank needs to be able to take the aggro and bring it away from everyone, and then out-run it to the guild crystal to get in themselves. It takes practice, but after a while it becomes pretty easy.

Fighting Tigerman:
Luckily, this is one of the easiest raids to fight in.

The most important part of it is the tank's job. Since the mobs have a skill that can slow down movement speed, it makes it extremely difficult to tank for this. Meaning that a doctor almost needs to be assigned to the tank in order to ensure they do not die. Although since the mobs aoe, the doctor needs to be careful themselves, as well. It is highly recommended that the tank bring choking climber, so they can freeze the majority of the mob and have a much easier time tanking it. Of it is helpful if somebody in the raid has climber themselves, and can cast it onto the mobs. Stalling chant helps as well.

As for the rest of it, you simply just DPS the living hell out of Tigerman. He hits decently hard, but nothing a doctor can't handle so long as the lead-DPS has DG Clothing/Light Armor.

Crossbone Swordsman:
This can be arguably the second easiest raid. Three parts to it: Getting in, Fighting Crossbone, Crossbone's Clones.

Getting in:
The hardest part is getting into the raid. Like Tigerman, you need to run through a bunch of monsters in order to reach the crystal that brings you into the raid, and none of the mobs are able to be near it. These monsters hit very hard, and have strong poisons, so detox is a must.

Fighting Crossbone: Crossbone hits decently hard, but without any mobs to worry about, it's for the most part a pretty straight-forward fight.

Crossbone's Clones: For every 20% HP Crossbone loses for a total of 4 times, Crossbone will disappear and many clones of itself will appear. The tank can kite these clones (which are much weaker than the original), and once the correct clone is killed the real Crossbone will appear and the rest of the clones will disappear. It's a guessing game, so if you're lucky you'll kill the correct clone within your first 1-3 tries.
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Overall Raid Guide
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