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 Mentos's Comprehensive Party Tanking Guide

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PostSubject: Mentos's Comprehensive Party Tanking Guide   Sat Mar 14, 2015 1:15 am

I. Introduction
II. Builds/Skills

I. Introduction:

Tanking is a component in DoMO that is greatly important to leveling. In almost every leveling team you'll find, there will be a tank. Before I start with this guide, here are a few terms to know.

Tank: A tank is a person who has their job (whatever it may be) set to hold aggro from monsters and to keep this aggro so that his/her team may freely attack the monsters without being harmed.

Merc: Short for Mercenary, is the main job in DoMO that is used as a tank. While other jobs are capable of being tanks, they must have sub-skills from the merc class in order to do so (this will be explained later on).

Aggro: short for Aggression, the amount of "aggro" that a monster has towards you will determine whether or not it attacks you. A tank will use moves that give monsters a great deal of aggro toward them so the monster will only attack the tank while ignoring the other party members attacking them.

Forms: Short for formations, these are a few skills that the merc job can obtain. They are buffs that increase defense (magical or physical) and attack (magical or physical). Two defensive forms cannot be used at the same time as well as two offensive forms can't.

Build: A build is commonly referred to as the attribute points you put into your job class.

There are two types of tanks in DoMO, there are party tanks and raid tanks. This guide is going to focus purely on tanking for parties. This guide is mostly going to be under the assumption that you are using the Mercenary job class. There will be a section for subbing Mercenary onto other classes, but the majority of this guide is about Mercenaries.

II. Builds/Skills

A very important aspect in tanking is the build you use. For party tanking the build you use will be fixated on making yourself more defensive against physical attacks (as DoMO offers little-to-no magical areas that grant good experience for parties).

While you can be very unique with the build that you choose, party builds can be put into a 3 main common categories.

Each of these categories focuses on the 3 main stats involved with a tank: HP, Defense, and Evasion. The amount of each of these 3 stats that one chooses to add is dependent on preference.

HP Based: (Usually adds more physique than anything else)

Common Attribute spread (per level):
2 Physique - 1 Durability
2 Physique - 1 Agility
3 Physique? (Not as common)

Pros: Physique gives a little bit of defense which would allow you a high amount of HP (and standing HP recovery) with some defense added.
Cons: Lower defense and evasion.

Defensive Based: (Usually adds more durability than anything else)

Common Attribute spread (per level):
2 Durability - 1 Agility
2 Durability - 1 Physique
3 Durability? (Not as common)

Pros: High Defense allows you to take much less damage from monsters.
Cons: You will get much less of the other stats you add (if 2 dur - 1 agi you get less evasion, if 2 dur 1 phys you get less hp). So your tradeoff could be less health or less evasion.

Evasion Based: (Usually adds more agility than anything else)
2 Agility - 1 Durability
2 Agility - 1 Physique
3 Agility? (Not as common)

Pros: My favorite build type, evasion helps monsters miss you which saves armor/health. Higher agility also provides faster cooldowns on your skills.
Cons: Significantly less defense than any of the other builds.

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PostSubject: Re: Mentos's Comprehensive Party Tanking Guide   Sat Aug 15, 2015 6:37 pm

just what i needed
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PostSubject: Re: Mentos's Comprehensive Party Tanking Guide   Mon Oct 05, 2015 3:59 am

Just read this.. Omg ilu valarus lmao
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PostSubject: Re: Mentos's Comprehensive Party Tanking Guide   

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Mentos's Comprehensive Party Tanking Guide
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