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 'Generic' Leveling Paths

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'Generic' Leveling Paths Empty
PostSubject: 'Generic' Leveling Paths   'Generic' Leveling Paths I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 04, 2015 1:20 pm

For those of us who have not played DoMO since the English version's shutdown or are completely new to the DoMO world here is a very, very rough leveling guide. This list is based off past experiences and views. There are countless ways to level within the game so these leveling strategies may not work for you - find what fits your play style.

Level 10 - 15 // Maze Below the Well (Party not necessary)
      Batling, Glob, Golden Glob, & Grape Glob
Level 16 - 22/23 // Inn Basement (Party)

Level 22 - 27/28 // Phoenix Tower (Party)
       Male Bird of Paradise

Level 27 - 32/33 // Neptune's Temple (Party)
       Man-Eating Zombie & Giant Turtle

Level 33 - 35 // Grizzly Garrison (Party)
       Bandit Chef & Bandit Thug

               NOTE: Some players completely skip this location since it is can be a troublesome location. To do so you must remain at Neptune's Temple for an extra level or two.

Level 35 - 40 // Pandora's Grotto (Party)
       Fugitive & Spider Specter

Level 40 - 50 // Foggy Forest (Party)
       Iron Hedgehog

At this stage in the game parties are still possible but many find it easier to carry on by solo'ing or forming smaller groups to level efficiently. This is where subs, pets, and friends really shine!

Level 50 - 59/60 // Dragon's Den (Solo or small group)
       Flying Noisy Snake

Level 59 - 70+ // Mount Babel (Solo or small group)
       Grizzly Bear

Hopefully this is guide is helpful, any questions feel free to ask!
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'Generic' Leveling Paths
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